All in One

Stay compliant with regulations and utilise daily tasks.

Cloud Based

Access SafeCol from anywhere.


Grows with you, with minimal disruption.


Monthly subscriptions for more affordability.


No matter what your workflow, SafeCol adapts 100% to your business.

Full Package

SafeCol gives you immediate access to the entire SafeCol Mobile App


User access settings ensure users only access what they are permitted to.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface and custom layouts makes SafeCol easy to use.

Secure and Safe Login

SafeCol is both POPI and GDPR Compliant

SafeCol takes safety and security to a whole new level digitally, with this said, SafeCol Mobile Apps ensure that the data captured is all POPI and GDPR compliant, this is for the protection of the individual using the device’s personal and/or identifiable information.

With secure 256 bit client side encryption and HS256 server side decryption, your data is fully secure and well within the data protection and security guide lines.

Powerful overview of Data

View important data at a glance

SafeCol has ensured that a variety of different informations modules are available to Regional and Branch Managers to ensure they can keep a track of their assessments and tasks being captured such as Company performance and Latest Reports for easy reporting.

Fast, Accurate and Easy Reporting

With focus on data collection reporting cannot get easier

SafeCol has taken it’s time to build an easy, fast and accurate representation of data collected in easy to use and view reports. With a variety of reports available SafeCol allows custom reports to be made on request.

When it comes to Health and Safety in various enviroments the data represented on either custom or default reports, become absolutely vital for both Compliances to Laws along with retrieving analytical data to improve your enviroment, being it a safety, health or performance tasks, with SafeCol reports you can accurately and comfortably make decissions for a better, greater and more productive enviroment.

Easy to use Assessments and Tasks

With Focus on performance and ease of use

SafeCol has focused on data collection, however without the hassle or forms of confusion with overly complex procedures, With the SafeCol App it is extremely easy to capture data, fast and reliable. The power lies in you, with the full ability to create your own Tasks and assign them to either a Branch or an individual, you can closely monitor and retrieve the data captured. For more structured assessments in which are powered and legally compliance forms requests can be submitted to add it to your profiles.

Ready, Set Go

Training Videos to help you and your team get started

SafeCol has setup training videos for you and your team to get going off of the bat, without a long transition period. With SafeCol’s easy to use functionalities and it’s readily available training videos, you will be up and running in no time. SafeCol always ensures that the latest features and changes are documented and supporting videos if required to be submitted with notifications to all registered customer.

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