Fast & Light Weight

Collect Data at rapid speeds in high traffic areas.

Cloud Based

Access SafeCol Light from anywhere.


Grows with you, with minimal disruption.


Monthly subscriptions for more affordability.


No matter the pace or volumes of traffic the SafeCol Light adapts to your requirments at high speeds.

Compliance Driven

Ensuring your establishment is fully compliant with temporary laws, in-house checks or fixed laws.


User access settings ensure users only access what they are permitted to.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface and custom layouts makes SafeCol easy to use.

Secure and Safe Login

SafeCol is both POPI and GDPR Compliant

SafeCol takes safety and security to a whole new level digitally, with this said, SafeCol Mobile Apps ensure that the data captured is all POPI and GDPR compliant, this is for the protection of the individual using the device’s personal and/or identifiable information.

With secure 256 bit client side encryption and HS256 server side decryption, your data is fully secure and well within the data protection and security guide lines.

Easy, User-Friendly Checklists

Designed with speed and ease as the base

The SafeCol Light Mobile App has been carefully constructed and developed with performance and ease of use as it’s core base. Establishing an extremely easy to use app with outstanding speed and performance, capturing data has never been easier. Simply select a Checklist to initiate and answer the fast and short questions, as indicated below.

Quick, Easy and Simple

Out with complex solutions and In with a simplicity

With great focus on high trafic areas such as Airports, shopping centres, Schools, Universities and more, the SafeCol Light mobile app was designed and developed to have a minimal effect on the traffic through these high traffic areas, however, at the same time ensuring SafeCol’s core importance of Safety and Security on it’s platforms.

With the focus on an easy to use interface, this enables a wide caliber of users to use the app, without additional training, complex procedures or temporary halt of opperations. With SafeCol Light you can simply jump in and get started.

Quick and Easy Reporting

Simplified Reporting has never been easier.

SafeCol Light is built on an exceptionally powerful back-end which on submission of a report captured will immediately send that report to the Risk Officer and for ease of use, be available for download in the reports Tab as a PDF file.

Guides of Compliance

No Training, But, Simple Guides to help if needed

Although the SafeCol Light Mobile App is based on extreme simplicity, It is always handy to ensure that guides can be available to users. For more in dept Guides, users can easily navigate through to the guides section on the SafeCol Website.

Let’s get started