Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I download the app from?

The app is available for Apple and Android devices and is available for download on the AppStore and PlayStore.

2. Is the App free?

Yes, the initial download of the app is free, however, in order to use the app, you would need to sign up and become a subscriber in order to benefit from its features.

3. How much is the monthly subscription fee?

“It is a monthly cost of R300.00 per business “site” for up to 100 employees and an unlimited number of visitors. Should your organisation have more than 100 employees, there is an additional R1.00 (one Rand) per month charged for each additional employee registered on the app, with no cap as to the number of employees that can be added. “

4. How do I pay?

Registration and payments can be done on the SafeCol website through a secure payment platform.

5. Is there a registration fee?

There is no setup or any registration fees. You can download the app and get started right away!

6. How many devices can I use the App on?

The app is easily downloadable and used on more than one device per single user. All the user would need to do, is use their unique login details each time on the device they wish to work on.

7. Can any type of business / industry use this app?

Yes. Any business that is required by law to do screenings on employees and visitors can make use of the SafeCol app. Our subscribers cover a wide range of industries, from manufacturing, hospitality and restaurants, mining, corporates, personal care, healthcare, automotive and real estate.

8. Is there a limit on the number of people who can be screened each month?

“Your R300.00 p/m subscription will be able to effectively screen up to 100 individual employees and an unlimited number of visitors. Employees can be screened several times a day – once they are logged into the app there is no limit to amount of screenings you can do per person per day. For each additional employee added onto the app over the 100-employee mark, i.e. additional persons added to the app with their own login details, is charged at an additional R1.00 (one Rand) per person, per month. “

9. Am I able to customise the questions to suit my specific business?

Yes, all screening forms can be customised, with no limit to the number of questions you can set. If you would like to customise the questions on the app for your business, there is an additional charge at a nominal rate – please contact our team to discuss.

10. Why should I use this app?

“It is a secure record keeping system that allows a company to effectively manage their risk as well as access secure and accurate reports of their data. SafeCol was developed specifically to make the screening process for many businesses digital, compact, fast, safe and reliable. BONUS: It is more hygienic than using a pen and paper, it’s also better for the environment – zero paper, and no administrative paperwork”

11. What makes SafeCol unique?

“It saves time, saves space, minimises admin and provides immediate analytics and reporting. It is a weight data collection app that performs well with high traffic data collection that is fast and accurate. SafeCol is both POPIA and GDPR Compliant. It is pen-less and paperless, reducing the spread of germs and time spent on the screening process, as well as post-screening paperwork, filing and/or digitising of paper-based data collection. All data collected for your business via the app, whether employee or visitor screening data, can be accessed through the selected mobile app or detailed reports can be generated from a SafeCol administrator, allowing you to pull reports by day or month, making contact-tracing a breeze. “

12. Is the app compliant to regulation?

“SafeCol is both POPIA and GDPR Compliant. We have taken safety and security of data to a whole new level digitally, ensuring the protection of the personal and/or identifiable information of the individual using the app. With secure 256-bit client-side encryption and HS256 server-side decryption, your data, and that of your employees and visitors, is fully secure, adhering to the highest levels of data protection and security guidelines. This ensures that your establishment is fully compliant with temporary legislation, in-house checks or government laws. “

13. Can I get started easily or is there training required?

There is no training to get started, just download and go! Our apps are designed to be simple and user-friendly, but if needed, you can watch our simple user guide in this video. For more in-depth tutorials and guides, visit the “Guides” section on the SafeCol Website.

14. My company has multiple branches / offices, can we use the app for all locations?

The beauty of SafeCol is that it’s completely scalable! Each branch will need a separate subscription and devices, but all your business’ data can be collated and can be accessed from any of the SafeCol Mobile Apps. The app is able to manage multi-site businesses, with collated as well as site-specific reporting.

15. Is there a limited amount of times a registered individual on the app is allowed to be screened each month?


16. Is there a way I can link all my companies branches into one app login in order for me access all the data for all my employees across the different branches?

Yes, all business’ data can be collated and can be accessed from the SafeCol Mobile Apps based on the role that has been assigned to the correct user such as a Regional or Branch Manager. Your company will need to appoint a Risk Manager who will have access to the collated data and be able to view the dashboard with all branches’ data visible. The app is able to manage multi-site businesses, with collated as well as site-specific reporting.

17. How do I gain access to my companies’ data? Where can it be found?

The Mobile Apps have the ability to do defualt reporting, SafeCol Light allows for an easy way to access all forms captured from within the App’s report screen and the SafeCol Main Mobile App allows access to more detailed reporting featuresto the individuals identified and appointed as Risk Managers / Branch Managers or owners on the app.


18. How is my data recorded and reported to me? Who has access to it?

Your data is automictically stored and recorded immediately after the screening in the “Reports”-tab on the app. You are able to access and download these reports in PDF format whenever to need to. There is no limit to the number of reports you can receive. You can choose between daily, weekly or monthly summary reports.

20. Can I limit who sees the data?

The SafeCol Mobile apps are role orientated which allows for various users to have a wider variety of roles such as a Regional Manager can view all the data collected from branches and users below him/her, a Branch Manager can only see reports and information related to his branch only and users below him, and End-Users only see what they have captured and nothing more besides their account information and added features.

21. How do I cancel my subscription?

SafeCol is a month-to-month subscription. If you no longer require health screening, simply follow this link and let us know. All cancellations will need to be done a month in advance. You will still have access to the app and your recorded information until your last billing date.