SafeCol mobile App

Introducing a powerful tool for data collection with a wide variety of features and accessibility for both SME’s and Large Corporations to capture compliant data safely and securely.

The SafeCol Mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices and on all scales from smaller mobile devices to larger Tablets, for the ease of use. 

Comprising of Assessment which are legal required data capturing for work place health and safety information, and Tasks which are self controlled within your own work place, to create company specific tasks for your employees, such as daily inhouse checks etc.


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SafeCol Light mobile App

A New breed of fast, easy and reliable data capturing introduced by SafeCol, with the availability on both iOS and Android Devices, the SafeCol Light Mobile App is geared to quick, fast and accurate data capturing for your high traffic and Time sensitive data collections such as Schools, Stores, Universities, Govermental Departments, Airports and many more. 

Capturing crucial information within the data protection acts on the go for a fast and accurate paced enviroments. 

Quick and Easy automated reports available to the assigned user roles and emailed to the authorized person such as a Risk Officer.

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